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First trip, together 10 years!

Dave McReynolds

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Dave McReynolds

Nancy and I met about 10 years ago, when she advertised for an "over the hill" climbing partner. Fortunately for me, we had several climbs together and were beginning to like each other before she noticed the motorcycle in my garage. She said she HATED motorcycles, and that might have been that, except I was a pretty good "over the hill" climbing partner.


Because of her strong reaction, I never pushed riding together, although she did consent to several rides over the years, when it was convenient to ferry her on the motorcycle from the end of a hike back to her car. But time went on, our relationship matured, one of her friends fell in love with a Gold Wing tourer, and her attitude seemed to soften.


Events finally came together last weekend. I had put the first 1,000 miles on my new K1200GT, and was itching for a longer ride. Nancy came home from a hike with blisters all over her feet from boots that didn't fit right. Hiking for the weekend was out. So I said, "lets hop on the new bike and ride down to Yosemite for the weekend!" She gave it all the thought that a pessimistic Skandinavian usually gives such things (which is hard for an impulsive Irishman to figure out) and finally concluded that was a good idea.


So we headed down highway 49 to Yosemite on Saturday morning. Here we are arriving in the Valley with Yosemite Falls in the background:




Later that day, we spent some time at Galcier Point. Here is Nancy with Half Dome, and me with Nevada Falls in the background:






Of course, there were no accomodations available in the Valley, but we had a great dinner in the Wawona Inn and found a campsite just outside the valley. It was a challenge to get enough stuff to camp in the side cases and top case, but we managed to get tent, sleeping bags, thermarest pads, etc., stored. No cooking gear! So we got up early and headed back to the Valley, where we had breakfast at Camp Curry.


Then we rode over to the sunny meadow below El Capitan, where we basked and looked at climbers inching their way up the rock face.


Later, we headed home on 120 and 49, with no incidents other than an occasional poke to "slow down!"


Now here is Nancy, with whatever thoughts she may have about the experience:


I liked slowly riding around Yosemite Valley. After a life time of internalizing the importance of putting on a seat belt, there is no way I will be comfortable sitting on the back of a motorcycle. On the whole the trip was a bit too long for me. I hit my "curve limit" several times. I mostly hung on and closed my eyes on the way back home. Now, it would not be too bad if we never had to go more than 35 mph.

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Great pictures Dave....One with Nancy in front of Half dome is a view I

don't think I've ever seen.......Looks like you had a really nice ride....More to come, I'll bet.....




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nice tale...you guys live in a beautiful part of this country. must be a beancounter thang...my wife won't ride either for many of the reasons as Nancy.

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Way to go Nancy, clap.gif and you too Nancyboy. grin.gif

Sounds like a lot to process for a first time experience and it seems as if you did fabulously well.

Best wishes for many more miles and possible Motorhikeling experiences in the future. thumbsup.gif

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nice tale...you guys live in a beautiful part of this country. must be a beancounter thang...my wife won't ride either for many of the reasons as Nancy.


I guess being a recovering bean counter has its benefits as my girl friend has her own ride. clap.gif

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