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Iron Butt SS1000 completed


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Well got my SS1000 completed on Saturday . 1008 miles in 16 hours 5 minutes . Had a good time . Weather was from 38 to 74 , sun, rain, fog & wind. This will not be may last one either !


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Not cutting it as close as my 1003! :O


What KMG_365 is referring to is that if their calculations are different than yours...you might get screwed.



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Map Quest had the route at about 1050 miles . The R1200RT had it at 1008 and the Garmin Zumo 550 had it at 1004 miles. I have very detailed records so I don't think it will be a problem.

Thanks again , Mike

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Congrats, well to the Iron Butt Assoc. The addiction will only get worse. later thumbsup.gif


Congrats to you, Mos!


As for me, I'm tempering my addiction at $3.70 a gallon... blush.gif



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Congrats, Mike. I did my SS1000 on April 28th. Did you do one of the MTF rides? If so, the wait for the paperwork approval should be much shorter, as all the mileage and documentation verification will be done before the IBA gets it.

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I did my own route. It was just better for me. I knew up front that to get cert. it may take sometime .


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