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Back from the Dragon


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Just back from the Tail of the Dragon. Whew! The sport bikes own this stretch of road. Went with some Harley friends and we were duly impressed with the sport bike crowd. These guys tore up the dragon. Only a few beemers. My dresser scraped on every turn just because I could. But, my hat is off to the wheelie and knee-down-on-the-curves riders. Thursday and over 200 bikes out there! thumbsup.gif

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Here's my dragon picture,the one good thing about riding the harley on that road, no tickets. Check www.killboy.com they should have your picture on their site. When we were down there, I didn't know about killboy, I stopped and asked what the picture's were about, I was thrown a card & politely asked to move on. I didn't realize they were making a living.




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Tom, you don't say whether you went on the Cherohala Skyway. If you didn't next time you're at Deals Gap make sure you do.


This is one of the greatest rides anywhere with vistas of the Smokies just like in the picture books. The turns are perfect BMW sweepers that give you quite a rush.


Lucky me I live a couple of hours from the Dragon and all of the gorgeous riding in western North Carolina so I get out once or twice a month.'


I ride an RSL and it does quite nicely on the Dragon and the Cherohala. Unless you're pretty compentent and on a sportbike I can give you a real run.



1995 R1100RSL

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We missed crossing paths by one day. Our motly crew (2 Beemers, 2 Triumphs, a Goldwing and a Roadglide) were up there from Florida on Wednesday.


We arrived at the east end of the Dragon the same time as a rain storm and waited along with the 200 sport bikers you encountered. Reminded me of a "Mad Max" convention what with all the black leather armour they wore..

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Glad you enjoyed it.


My wife wants us to head up there this summer again. Personally, I'm a-gin it, I'd rather us hit a more sedate time.

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I totally agree with this statement! Road was one of the best rides I have done in a long time. Wish I spent another day down there as the weather turned cold later afternoon while we were up riding the skyway. Here's a little clip on my ride into Deals Gap, think it turned out good with the music.


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