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New friend for my RT


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I just couldn't stop myself. This weekend a good deal on a 2007 Bandit 1250SA came to my attention and all of a sudden the 2003 SV650 was gone and I was riding the Bandit home.


First impressions are very positive. The engine is incredible, with a lot of torque and gentle to ride around town. On the open road and in the twisties it's the real deal. The suspension is a little soft, but I'm not knowledgable about proper setup. I need to learn how to properly set up the suspension. The seat is not too good and the muffler is bigger than some states.


All in all, it is a lot of bike for not a lot of money ($7995).



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Sweet.....it looks like a lot of fun. One of these days I'll be able to justify a 2nd bike. Just not quite yet

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They look great and they are a lot of motorcycle for the money. I know some one that bought the previous model and he loved to ride it. However, he found it expensive to service. His service costs were substantially more that what I was paying to service the RT.

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