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Tire wear?


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I have Z6s on my R12RT and ride pretty aggresively. What kind of mileage are you getting? And what tire are you using?

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Z6's came as OEM on my '05 R1200RT; good traction, poor milage (5,400 mis.)


Switched to Avon Azaro's; excellent grip and milage (0ver 9,000 mis.).


This last time around mounted Avon Storm (Avon replaced the Azaro's with the Storm) and couldn't be happier. So far at least as good as the Azaro's they replaced, probably better.


That being said, tires are one of the most subjective topics you'll see on this Board. Plenty of other brands with their fans too. Fun reading though.

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Z6's were OEM on my R1200RT lasted for about 12100km (7500miles)

Bridgestone 020's lasted 11000km (6875miles).

Currently using Michelin Pilot Roads.

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Pilot Roads lasted me about 9000.


Conti Road Attacks look like they are 50% gone after 3800. But they feel great and hold very well on twisty roads in the rain. wink.gif

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eek.gif Eeek! Is that all I can expect for mileage out of my tires.... bncry.gif That sucks! I was hoping to get at least 8-9K miles. Not overly agressive, lots of highway miles and check pressure three times or more a week. Boy....my wallet's not gonna like this! frown.gif
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Continental Road Attacks were original equipment for me. I replaced both front and back at 12,500 miles with new Road Attacks. They handle fine for me. See attached photo. grin.gif


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Bridgestone 020s. at exactly 4k miles, rear 020 is completely gone to illegal- well past wear indicators , front still fine - lokk as if it has another 2K left. Just fitted an 021 at weekend - supposedly 15% better mileage. Will let u know at 8,600 how things are going. smile.gif


By the way, that 4K was 600 break in, 3000 thrashing in Europe over 3 trips, 400 spirited UK riding miles!

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I have Z6s on my R12RT and ride pretty aggresively. What kind of mileage are you getting? And what tire are you using?
I just changed my rear Z6 at 7,633 miles. There was no cord showing, but I'm getting ready to take a long trip so decided to be pro-active. I kept the old tire so I can disect it to see how much life it really had left, plus do some tire plugging practice.


I got another Z6 to maintain the match with my front Z6 which has plenty of tread left. Plus I like the handling of the Z6.


By the way, I weigh 152 and almost never ride two-up.

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I'm on my second pair of 020s, which were stock on my R12RT. I ride very aggressivly in the mountains, and usually 2up. My co-rider is a little heavy. I got 5,000 miles on the first pair. I stayed with the 020s because I get good traction in the twisties. I do scrub off some rubber during a good ride, much like my FZ1 after a track day. I could be tempted with Conti Road Attacks - jury is still out. I have Pilot Roads on the FZ1 - that could be a future choice, but I don't get over 5k on them either.

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Had to replace Bridgestone 021's at 4200 miles but that was Torrey. Funny, I got 5200 out of the 020's.

Now Metzler M3's 3,000 miles, 2 sets.the same.

I really like the way the 021's work and feel so I might go back to them. I had no choice Monday as all the shop had in my size were M6's.

I spend way too much on tyres but I'm a poor rider. A smooth rider will get more miles out of any tyre.

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I'm currently trying the 021's. I've put about 2,600 miles on them so far, including a few hundred in the NC/TN mountains. The front and rear seem to be wearing at about the same rate. I like the grip, but I'm not sure they're going to wear any longer than anything else I've tried.


Started with Z6's - hit cord on the rear at about 5,000 miles. Had an ill-fated bout with a set of Z4's - barely got 4,000. Ran two sets of Conti Road Attacks - averaged a little over 5,000. The rears are always the first to go. Unless I get a lot more mileage out of the 021's, I'll probably to back to the Road Attacks ($50 per set cheaper, comparable grip).

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I just found the cords on my rear Z6 after 10750 miles.

I thought I rode aggressive but I guess not. That or I don't rack up the miles on the freeway like some. Could also be that it's lighter than the other bikes.


I ride solo on a R1200ST usually without luggage.


I'm looking for a replacement and wouldn't mind trading some mileage for more performance if there's more to be had. Otherwise I'll just stick with the OEM option.

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Most of my riding is on AR backroads. The Z4's had zero highway miles. The first set of Conti's had almost no highway miles.


Funny thing is, I used to get outstanding mileage out of tires. I averaged 12,000/set set with my R11RT and over 9,000/set set with my K12GT. I guess the R12 power band is right in the heart of my natural riding style. (I sure enjoy the backroads a lot more on this bike than anything I've ever owned. grin.gif)

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Well, here's my only history:


Pilot Roads (OEM): 9800 miles (not my favorite "feel")

Conti Road Attacks: I was at the wear bars at 5,500 miles.


The Conti's are more fun, but definitely don't last as long. I'm still debating what to put on next. It's either going to be Avon Storms or Diablo Stradas. I still can't figure out why the Strada's don't get much "press" on this board. A lot of people (fjr board for example) seem to like them better than the Storms (though the reverse is definitely true as well). The fact that Greg blew right through his new Storms on the way to Torrey seems to jive with what is being said on the fjr board.


I may just get the Stradas because the only comments around here about this tire have been good... there just haven't been many at all...

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Been a while since anyone posted here.


I just replaced my BT020s with Avon Sorms. I looked at my log, and I got 12K on the front BT020 and 6K on the rear (always 2-up riding). Not bad really.


Traction on the Storms is good, but not as sensitive around center for initiating a turn. Time will tell about tire wear on the Storms.

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