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A Good Day for Bmweerman


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Sunday AM


I didn't sleep much last night, no reason in particular, just didn't sleep, so decided to go in to see Cameron early.


They are going to keep him pretty sedated now, while he's on the ventilator, so he won't go into any more panic attacks and can just rest. The general consensus is that there isn't anything that he especially needs to be awake for so why not let him sleep and be comfortable. All his levels are good and the antibiotics are working on the infection. They continue to aggressively suction the gunk out and that sounds like it will be going on for a while. It's all dependent on how long the infection sticks around. That is the main focus-getting rid of the infection.


I think in a little while, I'll go back to my room for some sleep. I guess knowing that everything is going well has taken some tension off and I'm fading. Cross your fingers that the rest of the day is just as uneventful.


Sunday PM


After a nap and a good lunch, I returned to the ICU to him resting comfortably. All his levels are still good and his lungs are slowly clearing. How much longer? No one knows, it's up to Cameron's body as to when the infection and congestion in his lungs will clear. Until then, it's one day at a time and we celebrate even the littlest victories. I was able to "converse" with him a little this evening, filling him in on who had called and what mail he had received. I told him about the couple who is coming to hang out with me tomorrow afternoon and that I'll be taking pictures of the bike since they are kind enough to bring their digital camera. He smiled a drugged smile, but a smile none the less. Break out the champagne! It's been a really good day. clap.gif

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Go Patti! I'm glad you had some sun today. (in the form of a nap and good food, and progress, and looking forward to tomorrow!)

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Good news.......Glad you are getting some company......Let us know who they are please.......Nice folks......



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1bmwfan has friends that are coming here tomorrow. They sound really nice and caring. I look forward to meeting them. I'll let him give the names if they want that given out. I don't think they're members on this board, just good people. -- Patti

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I can't sleep either. frown.gif


Very glad to read this thread title, and your post. Many of us are watching and waiting.


I'm glad that someone is able to come and spend some time with you. Caregivers are so often overlooked, and under-appreciated. Hugs and a pat on the back to you!

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Smiling is good.... getting pain in our fingers here from crossing them, but will persevere till we get a laugh !!


We're happy for you !!! thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif

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Progress, blessed progress!! thumbsup.gif And a smile to boot!!


Thanks for the update; Cameron continues to be in our prayers. You too...

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Hello Patti, just read this post and am sorry to hear what happened. If there is anything I can do to help you here in Btown let me know. I also sent you a PM

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You hang in there, Patti! If J and I did not live so danged far from your location, we'd be there in a minute. So, we are glad Cameron is doing better...




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