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If you wrenchers weren't already aware, Bmweerman was in a bad accident on Monday (5/14), check my postings on "Ride Tales". Some amazing people, I don't even know are coming to Farmington tomorrow to keep me company and lend their support. I asked them to bring their digital camera so I could take some pics of Cameron's bike. I want to know if it is repairable or not, as I'm fearing the insurance co. will total it because of the cost to repair it at a BMW dealer. You all know that he's a do-it-yourselfer, so if it could be repaired, please give me some insight. He's not able to do much of anything right now due to heavy sedation, injuries, etc.


If there are certain areas that I need to photograph, please let me know, this is not an area I have any experience in.


Thank you! Patti

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Get pictures from in front and in back. Preferable with the bike upright on the centerstand if possible. This can show alignment stuff.


Side views can show tupperware damage, etc. Got a picture of the cockpit area showing the gauges and the handlebars.


Pictures with the seat on and off can help show alignment issues. Pictures of the wheels and tires.


The key to rememeber is that although there is much detail in a close up shot, you really need to be able to look at the overall to make the determination on a totalled or a repairable bike.


Tom and Barb are wonderful people. Please feel comfortable to lean on their shoulders. This is your time to allow someone to carry you for a minute or two!!! No need for your strength as you are amongst friends!!!


I am at work tomorrow but if you need anything or have a question, call me. I will answer unless I am on a call. I will call you back when I am able.




Wish Jamie and I could be there in person but am glad you have our friends to be your friend when you need it!!!

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Thank so much for the info. Someone suggested that I could just blow out the camera. I may try it as it would be so much easier to be using my own camera, despite the generous offerings of friends. Not to mention, I would love to get some shots of the countryside around here. I just looked over Cameron's shots from his ride, but there isn't anything that compares to the stuff around here. I'm working on his rough draft for the article, as well. It would be nice to get it turned in to the editor so some income could be produced from all this. We'll see. Thanks again! Patti

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I was pleased to read about the progress Cameron is making.


His bike has a retail value between $5-7,000 depending of condition/mileage.

Without seeing pics, I'd guess his insurer may total the bike as a $2-4,000 repair (or more) may be needed.

Even "just cosmetic" damage gets expensive and there are a number of things that could need work that aren't apparent until taking it apart. frown.gif

Hopefully it won't be that bad.

In some cases, if the insurance company will make a reasonable payout you are better off taking that money and putting it toward another bike in the future.

He is so lucky to have you there and even thinking about what it would take to get his bike fixed. clap.gifclap.gif

When they check the bike out, pay attention to the wheels, forks, steering, as this is an area that frequently gets damaged.

If you can check the integrity of the electrical system, do so. Do all the switches, lights, farkles, still work?

Is anything leaking?

What bodywork needs replacing?

Even repainting gets expensive.


Saddlebags and luggage mounts?

Levers, pegs, valve covers?

I'm not trying to discourage you, and it may well be that Cameron can fix the bike for much less than the damage estimate.


Good luck, best wishes.

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As a recent accident victim myself I learned some interesting things. At least in my case the issue of write off or not is a legislated issue in Nevada.Therefore once the repair value hits 65% of retail they have to write it off.

Further there is no way I could have purchased the bike,that may be because it is a Canadian registered bike, not sure.


I would definitely have a BMW dealer do an evaluation on the bike and then deal with the issue of repair or not later, at least then you would know the maximum damage and repair, as well they will see things right away that you may not see in a pic.

I would guess from Cameron's injuries the bike is probably a no go, but ya never know.


Good luck.

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I would definitely have a BMW dealer do an evaluation on the bike and...

Assuming the bike is still being held in Farmington, NM, it would either have to be trucked to the Santa Fe dealership, or someone from there drive up to make the appraisal.

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