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Oil In Airbox Question....


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How much oil in the airbox indicates overfilling?....Is it just a mist with traces laying around or will there be oil in puddles? confused.gif....



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Jim VonBaden

If it was dry last week, and is not dry this week, and you added oil, it is that much too full! grin.gif


In addition, if it is just a light film, no big deal. If you can drain a cup or more, it is pretty overfilled.


Jim cool.gif

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Thanks Jim, that's what I thought...

Kathy's 1150 is playing "hide the oil" from us at times and then surprise, here it is......I know the oil level is OK but sometimes it doesn't show much in the sight glass and the next time half full....And we're checking it after sitting hot and all that stuff..

So I pulled the air cleaner after our trip today and there's a slight film and a little accumulation down in there but no puddles so I figured it hadn't been overfilled but did't really know how much was too much.


Thanks again........



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