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Chris Vermuelen.... The Rainman......does it again. He just seems to sprout more cc in the wet and the wetter it is the better he goes. Just wish he could go better in the dry confused.gif. It went all wrong for Edwards with pole from the start and then Hayden 2 laps from the end.... a strange race with the Frenchs rookies riding like men possessed.......until speed exceeded capabilities dopeslap.gif

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What happened to Rossi ? was it a bad bike set up, or bad tyres ? Jeremy Burgess normally is a rain specialist when it comes to having the bikes prepped and Rossi has won many races in the rain. He seemed to be going backwards today.


As an aside a friend of mine crashed while riding with us over the weekend, he was on a Ducati 999R and hit a stone in the road on a sharp left hander before a sharp right hander going uphill.


He told me on my bike would not have been a problem (1150 RT) but the Duke was really light at the front and washed out immediately. Horses for courses !!!! He is ok by the way smile.gif

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It's been hard on us Hayden fans this year. Though the season on a whole is awesome so far.


What was with Speed's coverage this weekend? It was more than just the race and the post race podium interviews. thumbsup.gif


Hope they continue that type of coverage. Now if we can only get same day coverage as well. I have to avoid the MotoGP website - post race day until Sunday's broadcast of the race.


Last year I bought a MotoGP package online, but I decided not to this year.

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Wow...crazy race!


Rossi and Edwards clearly had problems with setup.


Very cool seeing Chris the V on top of the box. First win for Suzuki in 6 seasons. Sweet!


Tough break for Nicky. He had been riding pretty well in the wet, so that was definitely a tough break. I'm trying to remember his last self-induced crash...it's been quite a while.


Some of those passes early on when it was wet, but they were still running slicks were real pucker moments. eek.gif

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Having watched the race live, Rossi was incredible for the first few laps until the rain started. The talk at the circuit was tyre problems, his wet certainly looked ragged at the end of the race, Shame it had to rain at the end of a excellent weekend spent watching some superb racing in all the classes.

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Rossi and Edwards clearly had problems with setup.


In the UK coverage, Randy Mamola interviewed Colin's race mechanic who said he had no rear grip even after going to the softest tyre they had. Jeremy Burgess said that they had gone too hard on Valentino's tyre and that he was going very well until the rain got really bad. What I want to know is how they did so many laps in the wet on slicks eek.gif


I also feel that Rossi's visor was steamed up towards the end as he seemed to miss several braking and turn in points.


So onto Ducati's home track.....




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What happened to Rossi ?


What happened to Rossi? What the heck happened to Edwards?? From pole to . . . (wherever he finished).


Kudos to Vermeulen. And didn't Barros show well for a good bit? As for Rossi, he struggled at the end, but finished solidly. I wouldn't count him out, just yet.

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So I've finally gotten home from my trip to see this race, and all I have to say is AGGGHHHHH! crazy.gif


Would have been so good if Nicky hadn't crashed! Would have been his best result of the season so far, so I could be happy about that, while simultaneously being happy for Chris the V (another one of my favorites). Now the race is bittersweet.




Sad about the Frenchmen too; to lead, then crash out in front of your home crowd. Too bad

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