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Workday on the bike...


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I finally got a chance to change the oil on the redneck LT. I don't know what it is about changing the oil, but afterwards the bike always seems to want to go faster.


It's been so long since I changed the oil that I forgot how. I had neck surgery and was out of riding - had changed the oil when I parked it for 2+ months, then gradually built back up to my regular commuting/riding everywhere. So it was about 5/6 months since my last oil change.


I drained the oil, changed filter and everything was fine til time to put the new oil in. I have a real long funnel for the hard to reach oil fill hole.


Thing is I kept spilling oil until I finally remembered to put the bike on the sidestand.




I also did a little redneck mod work. My LT's radio has not had reception worthy of use since I resurrected the bike from the dead of several other bikes. I never got an antennae. BMW liked theirs too much, and apparently antennaes get torn up quite regularly in wrecks.


Went to the local auto parts store and bought me an $8.99 universal rubber antennae. Installed it (though I still need to clean up the install a little) and now the radio works great.


I tried to fix the CD player, but it seems to be a no go - can't find a good reason for its prolific skipping.

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Man, it's great messin' with bikes!


You hitting the BMWRA International Rally in June?

If so, see you there.


Joe wave.gif

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