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Broke down it Winchester, VA


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The guys all headed out for a ride this morning at the MAYhem. Danielle and I decided to head for skyline drive to take in some relaxed rideing and nice views. Well......we made it about 100 yards and something broke.


I'm on my way out now to take a closer look, but I was heading for the gas station on the next block and the bike just coughed and shut off. The starter will crank just fine but won't start. I tried to push start it by popping the clutch, but that won't work either. Of course I left my manual at home, and the rest of the guys are out enjoying the country side.



If anyone out there can lend a hand or feels like stopping by to watch me scratch my head in the parking lot, I'm at the


Hampton Inn

1655 Apple Blossom Drive

Winchester, VA 22601


If anyone has any words of wisdom, my phone number is




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Bike is fixed.....it was the HES. Buck saved the day......details will come later


I hope "Buck" isn't the name of your pet chicken.because I've had chickens and thier motorcycle troobleshooting skills are not that impressive. grin.gif


Seriously, glad that things worked out for you. thumbsup.gif

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