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Broke down in Winchester, VA


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The guys all headed out for a ride this morning at the MAYhem. Danielle and I decided to head for skyline drive to take in some relaxed rideing and nice views. Well......we made it about 100 yards and something broke.


I'm on my way out now to take a closer look, but I was heading for the gas station on the next block and the bike just coughed and shut off. The starter will crank just fine but won't start. I tried to push start it by popping the clutch, but that won't work either. Of course I left my manual at home, and the rest of the guys are out enjoying the country side.



If anyone out there can lend a hand or feels like stopping by to watch me scratch my head in the parking lot, I'm at the


Hampton Inn

1655 Apple Blossom Drive

Winchester, VA 22601


If anyone has any words of wisdom, my phone number is




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I know this is rather obvious, but since you were heading for gas, I assume you need gas. Rather than trust the gauge, go ahead and bring some gas and insure it DOES have sufficient fuel. No warning lights flashing?

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Is it possible that your side stand switch is either in an "open" state, or that the side stand is partially lowered?


Check to make sure there IS gas?


How about checking the battery ground?


Or is it raining and it shorted out your HES?

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Holy crap, we were just talking about the HES last night ... I'm starting to get paranoid that I should carry a spare HES on the bike blush.gif ...


Glad you're back on the road!


and it was nice to meet you (two!)



Chris (aka Tender Vittles )

Little '77 KZ400 in the Big Apple

Black '99 RT for Everywhere Else, such as ...


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Okay, okay, I'm gonna risk looking foolish here but WHAT is HES?

There are no foolish questions. HES = Hall Effect Sensors.


Two magnetic switches located on each side of the front end of the crankshaft. They open when near a piece of metal and close when not (or visa versa). They sense the rotation angle of the crankshaft and transmit that info to the computer which then decides when to fire the plugs.

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The Hall Effect Sensor

provides the Motronic (bikes brain) a crank shaft position for timing.

From this input the Motronic provides fuel & spark at the proper times.


The sensor does not fail but rather the insulation on the wires harden then crack/disintegrate causing the signal(s) to short out. Rain or a bike wash exacerbating the situation.


My understanding is that about the time the 1150's came around, BMW upgraded the wire insulation & this is no longer an issue on these & later models.



Figures some one like Will would pop in & respond faster then I can peck at this keyboard dopeslap.gif

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Thanks for the info on this. I still want to know what OoP did to fix his problem.


I just wish I could remember all this good stuff that comes across this board. grin.gif

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I'm going to post up a different thread with how I fixed the bike. Mainly for the sake future searches......and also because the couple who helped me (Greg and Candi) need a big thank you for going so far out of the way to help someone they knew for about 5 minutes.

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