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concours 14


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I heard from a very reliable source today they will be out sometime this summer as an early release 08 model. If it turns out to be the bike I think it will be I am going to buy one within a year or so, but I am very curious how the insurance companies classify it. I think it is closer to a K bike than a 1200RT....it is supposed to be in the 150 HP range...

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July 1 will be the release date.....


I finally got to sit on one at the Infineon race on Saturday. Nice position, good weight (not top heavy)....it was still a pre-production unit but I am very impressed.

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I can only compare it to my 1150 and it felt to be a bit lower than mine with my seat in the low position (I do have a sheepskin seat cover), but I do not know if the Kawi has an adjustable seat....overall no substantial difference as far as I could tell...


I wonder what BMW thinks about their "Tetra-Lever" rear suspension.....

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