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Red indicator light on console


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When I turn the key and do the safety check the red indicator light does not go off. My rear brake works but the brake light does not go on when depressed. Any suggestions ?

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If you have a burned out bulb (Which it sounds like you do) the red idicator light will stay on to let you know there's a problem.



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When I squeeze the front brake the light comes on so I am not sure if the bulb is burnt out

Well, you could always look, y'know.


When you start the bike, 3 things must happen. The monitoring system must see the switch on the front brake closes momentarily, then it must see the switch on the rear brake closes (in either order), AND, in both cases it must sense the brake light illuminating (by sensing the current the light draws).


If all this happens, then the red light goes out. Thus, the system verifies that both front and rear brake switches work and that the brake light also works.


The system also verifies that the tail light is working, and on some bikes (mine included) it checks that the small parking light works as well.


So check to see your lights all work, then if they all do, then check to see that the brakelight comes on when you step on the rear brake, then again when you pull on the front brake.

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Paul Mihalka

It's simple. If your brake light comes on with the front brake but not with the rear brake, you have a bad brake light switch at the pedal. That will leave the red light on.

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It has not yet been stated which bike you have.


On my K12GT the micro switch under the brake pedal became fouled with tar and chip (Ohio road repair).

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When I press down on my back brake pedal no lights show up. I do not notice any out of place wires at the brake pedal. I do not recall if the front brake lights up the same lights as the back brake.

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Use a bungee, put on front brake.

Go look.

Remove bungee, look for difference.

Step on rear brake pedal, look.

Remove foot, look.

Report back.


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This could be as simple as the spring which is used as a connector for the brake light switch having fallen off, or a minor adjustment to the position of the brake pedal switch. Could also be a stuck plunger or a bad switch. The entire process shouldn't take much more time to troubleshoot and fix than it did to read this thread. dopeslap.gif

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