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Friday update on Bmweerman


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I feel so raw after yesterday, it's been a tearful morning for me, before I got here. All the fear and loneliness has really set in and I can't seem to keep the tears at bay anymore. I arrived later than usual this morning, figured he'd be deeply sedated and needed time to just gather myself together.


So, today's (at least this morning's) update:


His lungs are doing much better, they've managed to get all the blood clots out and are now focusing on the infection, itself. Still doing aggressive suction to continue to get the infection out. His blood levels are a little off and his blood pressure is low so they are going to give him a transfusion to get things back up to where they're supposed to be. They are also giving him a couple of different kinds of antibiotics to combat the infection. This afternoon they're going to put the feeding tube back in. They need the anesthesiologist to do it because of the swelling and because his intubation tube is going through one nostril, already, causing the other tube to want to follow suit. They'll probably use the same method, using a camera, as they did for the other tube.


I think he's finally able to rest for awhile today. They're still doing things to him, but at least he's not so uncomfortable and in as much pain as he was yesterday. They're keeping him in a semi-tranquilized state, aware, but not really all there.


The anesthesiologist just came in and inserted the tube without trouble so now he can get some food in him. The staff is so fantastic here, very caring and conscientious. This would have truly been a hellish experience if not for them.


Friday PM-


His condition is stable right now. The blood transfusion was attempted earlier in the day, but had to be abandoned due to what they think was a reaction to the blood. His temp jumped to 102, so they stopped after only giving him a small amount and waited for him to stabilize. When I returned this evening they tried the blood again, this time heating it, and so far he's accepting it fine. His blood pressure is more in the normal range, 91 (it had dipped to the low 80's earlier), and so it looks like we'll have a much better night than last night. They haven't been able to feed him yet due to the problems with the earlier transfusion. Once he is done with this one, they'll be able to finally feed him. This will make it possible for him to get some of his other meds that he normally takes, as well, as they are in pill form and there is no IV forms of them. The nurses can usually crush them up and add them to the "yummy" liquid stuff they feed him. His lungs are clearing up, as well. clap.gif


Yes, I'm doing much better. Due to his improvement and to getting away from the hospital for a while today to take care of some business. Yesterday scared me so much, today feels like a piece of cake in comparison. Someone told me his accident was in a local paper so I'm trying to track that down and see what it says. If I find out anything I'll, of course, post it. I understand it gave the location and time. Unless there's a change, this will probably do it for today.

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Well that sounds like improvement. Thanks for letting us know and update when you can.


Take Care!



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Keep strong and call Tom and Barb!!!!! They are wonderful friends who are there for you! thumbsup.gif

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That's good to hear, Patti. Tell Cameron we're all thinking of him and hoping for a speedy recovery.

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Sounds like improvement to me! And thats fantastic news.

Be strong, and get some REST yourself, youll not feel so depressed and lonely after your rested. And dont forget to eat something HEALTHY. I know your thoughts are not on yourself, but I promise it will make you feel better to get some sleep and eat something decent.

Keep us posted!

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I'm sending healing energy and some web-love to you, Patti.


I hope you got the company and food you needed to help you through this difficult time.


I'm so glad that there is a trend to the better already. This is a long slow road, with ups and downs, to recovery after such extensive injuries, and you are loved. I'll be sending an email to Cameron though I don't believe we've met.


Hang in there,


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