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Motion Pro "SyncPro" vs Twin Max

Jim Miller

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Jim Miller

Anyone used the Motion Pro "SyncPro" manometer in place of the Twin Max for TB sync? Based on what I've read, it seems the old style "mercury sticks" would be a more positive and consistent method for this procedure and the Motion Pro tool is the only one of its kind that is still available. In place of mercury, it uses a high density liquid that's sealed in the tubes so you can lay it down for storage, etc. Curious if there's been any experience with this item and how it compares to the Twin Max for accuracy, ease of use, etc.

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I've used both TwinMax and CarbStix (with Mercury), ONCE each.


Twinmax is more convenient to use.

Carbstix seemed easier to read.


Not sure which synch was better.

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I believe liquid manometers to be superior for this job as their are much easier to read and interpret as you move the throttle. This is important because a good TB sync on a BMW twin requires looking at vacuum under dynamic conditions just as much (or more) than at static rpm values.

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Morgan Carbtune.

Expensive compared to homemade manometer, yes.

Safer than liquid manometer, most likely, or yes, depending on your fluid.


Easy to transport, yes.


Easier than TwinMax, yes.

Spot on results.



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I'm pretty pissed at my TwinMax. It took a crap on me. First I thought it was the battery. It worked again for a short time after I changed it, but then quit working again. The needle won't move no matter what sensitivity it's set on.


I finally resorted ot just listening to the motor and taking a WAG (wild ass guess). It's purring like a kitten now. It's never run this smooth since I've owned it... even when my Twinmax worked correctly. Maybe I just go lucky. Basically I started at teh baseline settings after cleaning the screw and the seats really good wiht a gasoline soaked q-tip. Then I increased both to get the correct idle speed, then kept playing with the left screw and found the setting where it idles the highest. THen I adjusted both to get the idle speed correct again.

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I have a "CarbTune" synchronizer from the UK. They replaced the Hg with precision ground steel tubes within glass tubes. They certify that it is calibrated to Mercury.

When I use my home made ATF filled clear tube loop manometer I find it more sensitive. When I satisfy the home made synchronizer my bike runs smoother still.

Anyway home made version mounted on white painted particle board total cost $10. CarbTune synchronizer $120.

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