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It appears my '07 RT is wired to accept a second horn.

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After you find and loosen the 2nd connector (see Gettysburg's image in earlier post: #861287), install the 2nd horn on the left side of the bike. Note the angle of the connector (red arrow) on the second horn. They differ. I believe this horn was intended for the side mount.




Install the other horn where the mounting bracket for the pancake horn was originally attached ...


The photo shows this horn mounted incorrectly, as the silver strap on the horn must fit between the antirotation tabs on the frame bracket, which can be clearly seen bent outward. That is, the strap must be mounted to the outside side of the bracket, and the cage nut installed accordingly, i.e. other way around.


The "other horn," i.e. the horn installed in the center MUST be the HIGH TONE horn, as the wiring won't reach if the low tone horn is mounted here. HIGH and LOW are molded into the plastic of the horns.

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