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MY 05 R1200RT ESA is not working. When sitting still in neutral the shock clearly changes when settings on handlebars are changed. While on the fly there is no difference between comfort, normal and sport. Brought it to dealer and they agree it is not working and have had it for three days with no success. They are talking back and forth with BMW and trying everything that is advised. Has anyone had this problem? What was wrong if you did? Also besides bouncing on the suspension to see if you feel a difference between settings is there another way to know if it is working? The dealer while in neutral and running, showed me the shock moving. It is while moving there seems to be a problem, I can't feel any difference in the settings. The dealer compared to a new bike and agrees with me. Help!!!!!!!!!!!

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My ESA just stopped working as well, however it is my preload that stopped working, not the rebound/damping. I did a search on this site and the others with a faulty ESA all had the preload stop working. You are the first I have heard with the rebound/damping problem. The bad news for me (and possibly for you as well) is that of the cases I found out about all had to have the shock replaced, even after temporary computer resets. My guess is that BMW will have the dealer try all sorts of things before replacing the shock due to the cost. Good luck, keep us UTD.

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Last Fall, at about 12,000 mi, the ESA on our 06 R1200RT got stuck on two-up. My dealer, following their manual, did a computer upload. It worked for a few days and again failed.

The manual says the next step is to replace the unit, which the dealer did without any hassle or question. The job is time consuming; they had to disassemble most of the back end of the bike.

The ESA has been fine since.

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yeppers had my shock replaced at 12000 miles. rear end was getting soggy and handleing was ... well not the best. but no problems since and 24k now.

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