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Whining Brakes


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I just got a 2004 1150RT with about 7500 miles. I've since added a couple of thousand myself. The brakes make a whining sound when acutated even when the motor isn't running. The brakes complete the test sequence normally before starting and otherwise operate okay. There hasn't been any fluid loss. Is this noise normal. If not, what's going on?

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Perfectly normal, it is not really the brakes but the actuator pumps for the brakes that are making that noise. When they stop making the noise is when you have cause for worry. If not safety then certainly your wallet as a new actuator goes for about $2300.

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That would be the servo-assist, aka, power brakes.


That's why your RT will give you a bloody nose if you grab a handfull of brakes.


Like Ed said, all of them with assisted brakes make that noise. When it stops, is when you're in trouble.

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I've had mine sine last august and although I know the brakes are good, how good are they? I've never tried to stop it dead in its tracks.

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I've never tried to stop it dead in its tracks.
You should. Knowing the range and parameters of your bikes brakes is an important part of your safety net.


Go to a parking lot and practice progressively harder stops until you become intimately familiar with them. Including at full on ABS engaged maximum stops.

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