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Tiny cover..


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Someplace last night - I saw a really neat motorcycle cover. It was contained in a small tubular bag that went at the rear end of your seat - held in place by a flap that went between the seat and cowl. The cover then went forwards and fastened on the mirrors.


It's intended to keep dust and bird crap off the bike - and possibly prying eyes away from a tank bag or GPS.


Well - went out to my bike at lunchtime - and found one of the fooking acid-rain birds that frequent our parking lot dumped a load on my bike - getting the paint on a sidepanel. I washed it off - but it had already dulled the paint under the shit.


Soooooo..... I'm trying my darndest to remember where I saw this cover. IIRC - it was abound $69 or so - and was listed on a site that normally you wouldn't think of for covers.. Cover was silver color.


WAIT - lemme check - I think I remember where I saw it.. Nope. Wasn't CeeBailey or AeroFlow..


Anyone know where the site is that I saw this on?



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