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Audio install '98 RT


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My RT has no audio gear and I need my tunes !

I suspect the harness is there, but nothing else.

I'd like to hear from anyone that has taken an 1100 and added audio gear, what you used, how you did it and any mods you may have made.

I've been an audio nut for many years, but the latest compressed audio age was one I tried to ignore. After spending much dinero trying to extract the finest nuances from analog and digital sources, I could not accept discarding information the way compressed audio does.

Having said that, I realize that there are limitations on a motorcycle - I don't think I can fit a replica of my 7.1 channel home theater under the tupperware !

Therefore I'm leaning towards satelite radio, or (GAG) an Ipod, and speakers in the dash would be my preference - although I do question the practicality of this at highway speeds. Maybe earbuds ?

The previous owner has mounted a shelf up front, presumably for a gps unit, - maybe I could mount something there. I love the radio pocket in the fairing for storage right now, but realize it may have to be lost to audio gear.

If an aftermarket radio is installed in this pocket, it would need to be remote controlled and a water proof remote will be necessary. Pioneer? Sony?

Look forward to hearing from all the experienced RT riders out there, although it seems a lot of you actually take OUT the radio gear ??


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