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BMW Motorrad Summerfest @ Mosport


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Are any of the GTA BMW riders going to BMW Motorrad Summerfest @ Mosport on July 13-15.


Here's a link; http://www.bmw-motorrad.ca/summerfest/flash_content/index.html


I used to go to the Sportbike Parry Sound rally when I had my Gixxer but I wouldn't call a R1200RT a sportbike and don't know how well the RT fit in. Plus it's become too large now. So maybe Summerfest @ Mosport would be a good alternative.

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Hey Steve. I am hoping to make it to the MOA rally in Wisconsin which is on at the same time. I was surprised that BMW Canada chose the same w/e for this. If I can't get away from work long enough for the MOA then I will probably head over to Mosport.



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I think BMW Canada is just a add on to the Parts Canada Superbike race weekend.


One of the guys we ride with is going to the MOA Rally and was looking for someone else to ride with. He's also a member on this board but doesn't post very often. I could see if he's still looking for some company if you like. The MOA Rally should be fun but getting there looks to be very boring. That's why I passed on this years rally, I mean getting there should be half the fun!

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