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Bmweerman badly injured in MC accident


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Tuesday AM


This is Bmweerman's wife, Patti. I'm writing this from Farmington, NM. Monday I got a call from a hospital, here in Farmington, that Cameron had been in an accident and the emergency room doctors were working on him. He had been on an assignment and was due home in a day or so. As more info came in about his injuries, I prepared for the long drive to New Mexico. I could have flown, my mom was willing to buy me a ticket, but I figured the bike would need to be brought home and I would still need transportation when I got there. I've missed so much work from my knee surgery that there was no way we could afford a rental car and hotel, etc.


He has multiple breaks in the lower part of his right leg, just above the ankle, quite a few ribs got broken, causing one of his lungs to be punctured and collapse, and his left ankle has a small break in it. They couldn't do surgery on his legs until he was totally stable, which was yesterday evening. His left ankle was an easy fix with a small plate and a couple of screws (he'll have full mobility), His right leg was so badly broken that it's going to take another surgery to finish the repairs. We'll probably have that done back in Bakersfield. He was put on a respirator last night to keep his lungs properly inflated so they can heal. (He has sleep apnea, so stops breathing, even with a CPAP machine running, often enough that he wasn't getting adequate inflation.) They say he will probably be off the respirator either today or tomorrow. They keep him pretty morphed up so he's in sort of an in and out daze, and while on the respirator, he's unconscious.


The hospital has the equivalent of a "Ronald McDonald House" on site which is practically empty at this time, so they gave me a room. Thankfully, they have a computer with internet. The hospital is just accross the street. Once he is moved out of ICU and into a regular room, they said I can stay in his room. Visiting hours for ICU are just a couple at a time, then there's a hour or two in between, so I can't just hang out with him all day. They anticipate we'll be here about 7-10 days.


I'm going over to the towing company to check out the bike and to gather belongings. I'm hoping the laptop and camera are salvageable. It would be awful for this to have been all in vain and lose the work he had done on this trip. He had done extensive writing the days before and I think losing it would add to the pain he's already feeling.


If anyone wants to send him a card or letter, no live flowers or plants are allowed in ICU, the address is:

Cameron Weckerley c/o

San Juan Regional Medical Center, 801 West Maple St., Farmington, NM 87401


Tuesday PM:


I went to the towing company's yard this afternoon to check out the bike and retrieve whatever was left of his stuff. I wasn't hopeful as there's so many sticky-fingered people in this business and the insurance company wanted me to be prepared for the worst. Well, it turns out that the guy who picked up the bike rides, as well, and was very conscencious about picking up every paper and piece of the bike. It was all there waiting for me, even the cash that had been in his pocket. I thanked him profusely for taking such good care of it all.


When I got back I unloaded things and sorted through what was, or had turned into, garbage. His helmet was scarey. The paint was rubbed or knocked off the entire chin guard and there were loose chunks from it in the pile of assorted stuff. I'm so thankfull that he religiously wears it. Especially glad he only wears a full-face, as well. The laptop had been well secured in its case so it survived! (I'm using it now, they have wireless in the hospital) The camera looks like it's ok, but the case got chucked in some powdery clay dirt and the camera is covered in the fine dust. I'm going to track down a camera store and see if I can get it cleaned while we're here. I'd like to take some pictures of the area before we leave. The geologic features, alone, are awesome.


The bike, on the other hand, is pretty beaten up. All the "tupperware" is broken (that's the plastic faring parts), actually, come to think of it, it looked like anything that was plastic broke. The salvage yard owner says it looks like it's repairable, but we'll have to wait and see what the insurance company thinks. I spoke with the guy that transported it and found out what happened. Apparently, he fell asleep (he was probably trying to get home as quickly as possible since the trip took longer than expected) and road along the edge of a grassy field for about 100 feet, then hit something, causing the bike and him to flip. Being unconscious was probably a good thing under the circumstances, like drunk drivers who don't get hurt because they're so relaxed.


I don't think I'll let him take another long trip without me again. When we pull 700 mile rides, he does get drowsy, but I notice it and bop him on the helmet to bring him back to reality and then we pull over. It sneeks up on you and you think you're alright, but suddenly you've traveled some distance and don't remember doing it.


Thursday AM


They say they'll be taking the respirator tube out this morning if his chest xrays look OK. He's been improving steadily and is expected to make a full recovery. I'll keep you guys posted. If you have particular questions, my email is: bbweckerley@yahoo.com

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I'm so sorry to hear this. You sound like you're managing things well--my hat's off to you.

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If there is anything those of us here in So Cal can do please say something and let us help!And keep us posted here as we're all concerned when one of us gets in a jam.

Don't know how you're staying so strong but keep it up-we're here!

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I have to echo David's words. Your taking this very well, I'm sorry your going through this.


Thoughts and prayers for both of you.

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Wow Patti this is a awful story to hear!

Lori and I wish Cameron a quick a full healing after this terrible event.


All the best to both of you


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Get well soon! Best wishes for a speedy recovery. I'm so glad that you took the time to post this, thank you.




bncry.gifbncry.gif for the broken body and plastic bits.




clap.gifclap.gif for the recovery prospects!

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Stan Walker



I'm so sorry to hear this. I fell asleep once on a motorcycle back in the 60's. I didn't get as badly hurt as Cameron, just good luck on my part, and I've been super careful ever since.


Give him a "gentle" hug for us!



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So sorry to hear this happened, but so happy to hear he will make a full recovery. I don't know your husband, but as a wife and rider too, I can imagine how hard this must be for you. I greatly admire your strength through all this.

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Holy sh*t.


Sorry to hear about the crash. It sounds like things could have been much worse...thank God they weren't.


Keep us posted with his progress.

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Get well soon Cameron, i'm glad to hear it was not a distracted or impaired driver that took you out. That makes one feel hopeless in those situations.



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Yipes, that's sad news.

He is fortunate to have you at this time of need.

You seem remarkably calm and doing all the right things.

Our prayers are with you and Cameron for a speedy recovery from all your physical problems and a healthy return to normal life.

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I am so glad to hear that he is going to be ok. Phil and I are praying for the both of you. Your strength is amazing. Please let us know if we can help.

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Sorry to hear about this its tough to hear when another rider goes down . Hope he gets better quickly, and he can repair the bike .Wish him well from my family . Dave

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Sorry to hear this.....please do keep us updated as news is available......


I have never met Cameron but we have exchanged a few emails and I have enjoyed reading his articles in Friction Zone. Hopefully this latest setback will soon be behind both of you. He is very lucky to have you there to support him, and I am glad to hear his latest work is safe....

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I want you to know that I will pray for you both and I am glad there was just broken bones. Not that broken bone are a good thing but they do heal to ride another day. Thank God for no head injuries. Please keep us updated and know that we are praying for you the doctors and finances.


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Wow, sorry to hear this. I'm so glad you're a pillar of strength for him right now. I hope he heals fast and well.


About 25 years ago I looked in my rear mirror and saw my husband on the bike behind me drift to the shoulder and jerk back to the lane again. He admitted he almost dozed off. We were touring and it was late in the afternoon after many miles in the sun. It could have been bad if the shoulder wasn't the right surface or if there was no shoulder, just a cliff. We got lucky.


It can happen to anyone. Sorry it happened to Cameron. Get well soon !!! Card on its way.

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So sorry to read that this has happened to a member on this board. Your writing suggests that Cameron is getting the medical care he needs. The medical staff in today's hospitals are very well equipped to help Cameron through this unfortunate accident. I'd like to suggest that you make sure and see to it that YOU are taken care of as well. While it reads as though your handling this better than I certainly would have anticipated, at some point this may come mentally crashing down on you. If there are staff to help you through this and family you can lean on, do that for yourself...!


Please let Cameron know that he's in our thoughts (and so are you!)


Take care.


Mike O

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Very sorry to hear of the accident. Thank God for a helmet.


Will keep both of you in our thoughts and prayers as you go thru the healing process.

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My thoughts are with you and Cameron ... and +1 on the advice that you make sure YOU are cared for too.



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I am so glad to hear that he is going to be ok. Phil and I are praying for the both of you. Your strength is amazing. Please let us know if we can help.


What my bride said!!

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Owwwwww..... just got on the forum and found this bad (and good) news ! So sorry to hear of Cameron's mischief, and YOUR problems, Patti. I am glad he will be okay over time.. hopefully soon !!!


And yes, don't let him go alone anymore, someone occasionally needs to hit him on the head indeed !! smile.gif


Hmmm.. never knew these bikes are SO comfy that you can fall asleep on them... dopeslap.gif

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Oh thank (appropriate higher power of your choice) that he is alive...I can only imagine how much worse this might have been. Hoping for a speedy and as easy a recovery as he can make.

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My thoughts are truly with the both of you. But the recovery news are good, and that is what's important. All the rest can be replaced and more.

Let me know if you need anything... I am not too far, about an hour from Stockton... a good meal maybe???

No broken ribs... so a good laugh maybe???

Truly... regardless.


Ara and I am sure Spirit also...


www.theoasisofmysoul.com Our Blog...

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Sorry to hear about this. The sleep apnea probably contributed to his falling asleep (I just did a sleep study last Friday due to sleep apnea).


He's been improving steadily and is expected to make a full recovery


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Wow! Sorry this occured; sounds like it could happen to any one of us. Cameron, and you are in our thoughts and prayers.


Please keep us posted on his progress.

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Patti, I'm so sorry you guys have to go through any of this. It's great he has you to take care of him (stick an IPOD with Rush' Snakes and Arrows playing in his ears and he'll be happier). You take care of yourself, now too. Tell Cameron the Rush fanatic from MD wishes him a speedy recovery!

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This type of posting is always painful to read, but knowing that his wounds are not terminal and you have made the trip to be by his side is comforting to hear. Please tell Cameron to heal fast, and to you, I say thank you for being strong throughout this ordeal.

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Sorry to hear about the accident. Me 'n the guys here in the control room wish Cameron a speedy recovery thumbsup.gif

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So sorry to hear about this. I wish Cameron a speedy and full recovery. The best thing right now for him is having you around Patti. Hang in there.

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This is the first I'm hearing of this. I can't believe it. If you need anything, please call me. 661-619-4254.


Tom Moran -- Bakersfield

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Just got back in town and read this. I am so sorry to hear. Slip some earbuds in with some Rush playing. It'll be good for him.

Best wishes to both of you in the healing process.


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Cameron is a very lucky guy to have a girl like you. I wish both of you the very best in this difficult time.

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<(stick an IPOD with Rush' Snakes and Arrows playing in his ears and he'll be happier)>


That's a great idea, but I didn't bring anything with me. You know him well! Thanks

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