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Another deer/human encounter


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My buddy who was in his first accident last year after 200,000 miles+ on bikes when a guy swerved lanes and hit him on his 1200 GS. His injured wrist was almost back to 100% from that encounter.

Last Sunday he decided to ride his newly aquired KLR 250 down the Klamath River Highway for a riding adventure when "bambi" jumped out from behind some shrubbery to try to occupy the same spot in the ashphalt as his bike. He was travelling at about 50 mph when the collision took place. He injured his good hand/wrist, but except for minor scrapes is fine. Now he has two injured hands/wrists frown.gif .


The bike wasn't too bad off. It suffered completely twisted handlebars, some scrapes and possibly some fork damage (he hasn't taken them apart yet.


His gear performed well. He was in BMW pants (textile type) and he said they performed great. His leather riding jacket was shredded, but did its job. His new gloves were also shredded. (That highway is paved with rough chip/seal as I just rode it last weekend).


The deer didn't perform as well. It is now jumping in front of logging trucks in "deer hell" crazy.gif

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Glad to hear he is OK.


I know there have been A LOT of deer around here killed on the roads in the past few weeks. I know I've counted at least 11 dead on the highway in the last 3 weeks on my daily commute. It has definitly crossed my mind this week considering we are heading into the mountains of VA tonight and will be getting there right around dusk.

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+1 Your buddy came out OK for the most part. Just like the fall all kinds of 4-legged critters are coming out of the woods. I'm just tired of the dead skunks on the road daily around here.....pepe le stink rat!

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