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U Bag

John Diakonis

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John Diakonis

I'm thinking of getting some type of u bag for camping gear. Anyone using them? Likes/ dislikes? I'm using HTW now but thinking a u bag might be a bit more efficient.This would be on my S.

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I love mine....easy access to everything (why is it what I want is always on the bottom of the duffle bag)?


I have a Jo's U-Pac (I think it is a medium) and can easily carry 2 sleeping bags, ground cloth and pads, tent, clothing and assorted gear with plenty of room in the side cases for other (heavy/dirty) stuff. I do put the clothes in space bags (lets you get the air out) to keep them dry/compact but short of a major rain storm I have been satisfied with their ability to keep stuff dry.


The only downside is on my RT when it is mounted the mirrors are useless, but I added the GS mirrors so that is no longer a problem...






It is actually on my bike in the avatar photo....

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I've got one. Mag's Bags small.

Built grin.gifa platform (cut wood just wider than the bag is) to mount to luggage rack to put it on.

The platform supports a majority of the weight and makes it easier to strap down.

You can carry a bunch of stuff.

I became comfortable with it loaded on the bike after a short time.

Beth likes the backrest aspect.

I try to keep heavier items forward or right over luggage rack area.

I have the small 9" high version. Partly to make it easier for Beth to get off and on the bike.

The larger versions would accomodate much more stuff and make packing a bit easier when putting items into the "legs".

If you stay at a hotel, be prepared to carry it inside, unless there is secure parking. Even then I cable lock it to the bike.

I'm sure I'll forget sumtin' but...

2 sleeping bags

2 inflatable air matrress'

pump to inflate them


cooking grill to provide better, more stable cooking surface


4 camp towels (micro fleecyfiber)

5 camp pillows (20x18 stuffable)

2 sets silk cocoon sheets

2 fleece blankets



tools, firestarter

emergency blankets

clothing for 2


camp soap for washing utensils

bug spray

2 sling chairs


tent fly

ground cloth


gear loft

clothes line

multi tool (folding shovel, axe, entrencher device)

2 flashlights (battery, wind up)

lantern (small LED)


collapsible 2 gallon water jug

this is most of what fit in the bag, not all thumbsup.gif

I use compression straps on the sleeping bags and tent.

They fit in the legs, but it's a bit snug.

I bought this used on the board and I'm satisfied.

If I bought new, I'd rpobably go to the next larger (10") size.

The BIG ones from the various sources (Mags, Rev, Jo's custom creations) are BIG.

There are 2 types of U bags.

One goes vertically, one horizontally.

If you don't have a passenger, either work.

If you have a passenger, the horizontal is a better choice.


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