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Hat's Off Helmet Device


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Interested in any and all comments on this helmet removal device. Seems like a good idea to me, introduced in England I believe, but hasn't seem to take off in America.


The device is a small airbag placed inside the helmet, on top. Air is used to raise the helmet off the head, without moving the neck area etc.


It would require training for EMT, and other accident responders, but certainly seems like it should work.


Thanks for your input.



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My thoughts are that any good EMT or ED doc will remove a helmet with good stabilization of the cervical spine. This is most often done with two people - one supporting the mandible and the back of the skull base and the other removing the helmet with all force directed along the axis of the spine. I have never seen a fracture exacerbated or a c-spine injury made worse by helmet removal, and I'm the one they call when there is neuro involvement. Plus, if you have significant spinal damage then you are already up the proverbial creek, so...


Great in theory but can't see a pressing need in reality. If you get to a crash scene and suspect neck/spinal injury just leave the helmet on unless you know exactly how to remove it! That being said, both of my brothers who race motocross use these...

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