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Elf Pegs


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I've been in 'Search' mode for 20 min.- nothing- Anyone using "Elf Pegs" to change feet position on a trip ? Worth the $300+ ?

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Yep.. I use and love them. Easy install on the R12, clean "sanitary" look when not in use. Pricey for sure, but I like them.

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IMHO, they are NOT worth the $350 asking price. sure, they look nice and mold to the machine like OEM, but if all you want is highway pegs and don't care about aesthetics, i'd opt for something different.


for more than half the price ($110), i went with a set of Burton Briggs highway pegs, and was fortunate enough to find them used, in excellent condition for half of THAT price.


they also have another set that's just a more basic design for $60 if you prefer that...


i hope my $.02 helps.....

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I have a set on my 041150RT and they seem to be a nice option , although I havn't used them on a long trip yet. I didn't have to shell out the $ for them because they were already on the bike when I bought it used. You can't even tell they are there when closed. My thoughts lately though are to remove and sell / trade them for somthing I might want more. I just prefer having my feet close to the controls if somthing dangerous happened real quick.

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The Elf pegs look real cool, but seem way over priced to me. I'm using the Hawksproducts footpeg/light mount with the BMW rear peg adapters for about $120.00. They come in different lengths to accomadate tall/short. Picked up a used pair of rear RT passenger foot rest. This way they at least match the rest of the pegs on the bike. The light's work well from here also saving you the cost of Light brackets. Good luck in what ever you decide. thumbsup.gif

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Yeah, they're pricey, but comfortable and worth it IMHO. Gotta keep em lubed up though or they will stick in position.

Every once in a while you can find them used if price is the barrier....


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