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Pretty nice solution


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tank cover


i bought one of these because i was looking to protect the finish on the tank from the tablier ( which looks like this if you have never seen one ) i use in the winter.


However, on getting it, i thought it fits and looks so nice i would keep it on for everyday riding. It provides great protection to the paintwork as you can see.


added bonus to the protection are the superb tankbag fittings which work with many different models from this company including a gps kit bag or a full up rucksack. the forward bag fittings are actually rotation pieces that allow the bag to swing up out of the way when filling the tank. and of course, my standard bmw tankbag still fits a treat.

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Is there a particular "tablier" which fits the RT? I've been looking for one for *years*, but the only place I saw them was Paris. frown.gif


I'm looking for one for an 1100, rather than the 1200.


Joli photos!

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yes, there is an exact one. no problem with availability (but i am in paris smirk.gif) you should be able to get one mail order.


i think the one for your bike is much nicer than the r1200rt, it fits much better in terms of integration (i think there is a picture on the bagster website somewhere)

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