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Crocker Motorcycle Revived - The Old and The New


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Here is a photo of the new and the old Crocker at Bonneville. I know the old one is worth well into the six figures, and i suspect the new one is too.



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They are both Crockers. I think the one on the right is a '41, and the one on the left is their interpretation of what Mr Crocker would be doing today. There were less than 80 original Crockers made, and they are all worth very big money. Some guys in California and Canada have gotten together to build reproduction Crockers that are very faithful to new. The guy on the right restored my Indian some years ago.


We all have our opinions, but of the hundreds of motorcycle brands that were started (and ended) in the US, Crocker is my favorite by a mile.


Crocker Motorcycle Company

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A bike (or anything) is only worth what someone pay for it. The older one, I can see six figures - not to me - but it is a rare collectors item. The new one is just a hand built street fighter. They sell for 20-30K regularly. If someone thinks the Crocker name on this "modern interpretation" is worth 70K+ more then, well, I won't say what I think.


I also don't think it's a good "modern interpretation" - it's a US company it would more than likely be an over-bloated chromed out cruiser.

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There is a restored crocker at the Wheels through time museum in Maggie Valley, NC. It is fully restored, runs, and the museum owner will do burnouts for you in the building if you want :-D

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Ok. I am a dummy..... how do I add a photo to this.??????
Try this link. There is a lot of good info there for hosting elsewhere, since our attachments here are limited to 75K.
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