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R1100R Mirror Stem


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Clive Liddell



Unfortunately they are different (as far as I know).


The 1100R has the same "fittings" as the other R1100xx models, I have two R mirrors on my RT.


The LH mirror fits through the clutch lever housing with a normal nut and washer on the end but the RH mirror has a LH thread and that nut is be$t obtained from the dealer...

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Thanks Clive, but let me be more clear.


Can I mount '02 R1150R mirrors on my '95 R1100R?

Did the mount design change from R1100 to R1150?


I have a broken mount stem on the left side and I have all the original hardware-both sides. I have a seller for a pair of 1150 mirrors- and I need to know if they will fit.

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