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So, How much is this going to cost me.....?


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96 RT. I've noticed lately that my ABS is failing. I start the bike and sometimes the ABS light will turn off once I get moving and sometimes they won't. Shut the bike off and restart it once or twice and they will shut off. I know right away once the bike is started. If both flash on and off at the same time I'll be fine. If they are flashing one at a time then I need to restart.


This doesn't look cheap.....What's my problem and what do you think it's going to cost me?


Sooooo honey....Can I buy my new bike yet? I can buy half my Ducati for the repair cost.....please?

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That makes sense since I've been feeling that it's week. Just got home and was going to check it but got distracted.


That makes perfect sense. Thanks! I don't suppose the battery will cost half my Ducati though....can't we come up with a more expensive problem?

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Ha when you get the Duc just remember that the inital cost of ownership is just the first step. Tack on regular maintenance and you'll really feel the burn.

Ah Italian love... she's expensive! grin.gif

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If I cared about maintenence costs I wouldn't ride. However, my wife just said something about having to replace her if I buy a new bike! Now that would be a high cost of maintenence! Hmmmm, I think she wants me to buy a new battery. lmao.gif

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