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Autocom transmission cuts out


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Howdy, folks. I just had an Autocom Super Pro Avi installed in my R1200RT. It doesn't work with the same Kenwood TK3101 radio that I used in a previous setup. When the radio is hooked up and power is on, for a minute or two speech seems to be clear. Then, I start cutting out big time, making communication impossible. Two-way comms, that is. My wife can talk to me for the whole ride and I can't talk back...I hear her perfectly.


I had the Active-Plus version in my Dakar that I used to communicate with my wife on her bike via the Kenwood TK3101 radios and it worked great. Loved it. I traded that setup with the bike. I mention this to indicate that I am aware of the mike sweet spot and am familiar with using bike-to-bike radios with an Autocom.


In the new set up, I have the Autocom Kenwood Transceiver interface that replaces the radio battery and powers the radio directly from the Autocom. My wife's radio is running off its own battery.


To troubleshoot the problem, I tried the following:

Swapped out the headset connector lead with a couple of other leads.

Turned ignition on but left the bike engine off.

Turned ignition on and started the bike.

Removed the powered transceiver interface and installed the radio battery.

Tried comms this way both with engine off and engine running.

Oh, yeah, I tried my wife's radio as well.


In all cases, my transmission cuts out so badly that the radio cannot be used.


If I turn the Kenwood off, but power the Autocom up, the sidetone in the helmet speakers is wonderful when I speak into the mike. I can babble forever and there is no cutting out.


Any ideas before I go bug the dealer? I think the issue has to be either internal to the Autocom or the lead that runs from the Autocom that the transceiver interface plugs into.


thanks, bws

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I have the same radio, used with the same Autocom set, & it works just fine.

I am not technically knowledgeable enough to start analysing the fault, or suggesting remedies - although a number of Forum members are, & I'm sure they will be offering advice soon, - but I can confirm that the Kenwood & the AVi are not incompatible as such.

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