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Got back earlier from the track. Two great days with Jason and crew in Topeka. Heartland park has been recently re-paved and is in outstanding condition. HPT started to get a bit rough around the edges a few years back, but now has a very smooth track and many new additions to support the road course users. The drag strip and road course now have separation. What a wonderful facility.


I have been to many of Jason's classes. (and Reg in the 90s) He is such a down to earth guy and an excellent communicator. He makes it fun while giving you so much usable information and help. His great instructors are constantly giving you good feedback.




Photo of turn 3 three "the carrousel" (got the knee all the way down later).


The ST ran like a top and pulled well with the bikes on the course. (core removed of course!) Routinely nabbing 120 in 4th down the front straight. Handling was a rail. Man I like this bike more and more.


Today, it rained the first half of the day. I was a bit concerned but, out we went. Jason says he sometimes wishes all his schools had a bit of the wet. He believes that true control comes with it. Wow what an experience. I learned more about smooth riding and tight lines than I have in any previous school. When the pavement dried that afternoon - smooth stayed, lines stayed tight, and I went the fastest I've gone in years! I am very impressed with my Metzler Z6 tires for use in dry and wet.


If you get the opportunity, take a Star School it'll be money well spent and a darn good time to boot!

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Very nice but I would appreciate it if you would quit exposing the greatness of the ST. Everyone will want one! wink.gif

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They didn't make you tape up your headlight?



Cool photo! thumbsup.gif


Remove or tape mirrors.

Tape fully the brake light or remove.

70% to new tires.


Snell Helmet.

Full or zip together suit.


Over wrist gloves.


Thanks on the Photo. Body position improved as the day went on!

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nice pic of the ST... I took Jason's class @ Laguna Seca and I agree that it's an awesome class... I've done a lot of trackdays, but I've learned so much more in that one class than most of my trackdays combined. Oh and here's a few pics of when I had one of our R1200STs from the shop out @ buttonwillow @ a BMW trackday.


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