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Oil Cooler heat


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'98 RT - Does anyone think that either one of the two duct positions for oil cooler air flow is preferable? I am getting fried regardless of which I use. Which one is supposed to be cooler for the rider according to the engineering beemer gods?

Recently I saw an RT for sale with the oil cooler mounted below the rear licence plate. This seems like a great idea to me - anyone done this ?

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1100 is a cool runner compared to 1150!

1100 has a box around the cooler that keeps hot air directed to vents.

1150 is open to the rider.

I think 1200 is also open.


You should never feel anything on your chest from either vent locations. lurker.gif

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If the 1150 does not have the plastic vent ducting for the oil cooler, then that is why this bike has the room for speaker pods? Hmmm.... I was thinking of a way to make pods for my 1100, because the standard open air install sucks. I wonder if the 1150 pods will mount in an 1100 if the ductwork is removed ??

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