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Yosemite on R1150RT 5-07


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Just some pics of our trip to Yosemite this last weekend. ANyone with a BMW should ride throughout this park. Certainly not like any other place on the planet.





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I was there just 2 weeks ago. I also wrote a ride tale here.


Check it out.


We stayed at the North Pines campground...where did you stay?

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I agree! Last Thanksgiving we decided to bail on the Turkey Day traffic and drama. We rode to Yosemite and stayed in Fishcamp, rode through the park on Thanksgiving day, hiked, and enjoyed the beauty of Yosemite. What a way to celebrate and enjoy the earth and all of our blessings. Yosemite puts me right where I need to be in a spiritual sense, and it's even better on a BMW!

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Wow... this is the first time I saw a picture of a Beemer on a trailer. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful ride tails.



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Ya - sorry about the trailer, but we had too much Cr**p to haul up there. I debated if I should post the Jeep and Trailer but did. Stayed in Lower Pines Campground, which was really nice. As soon as anyone figures out how to cram 3 days of food and equipment into the hardcases, let me know. FYI - Yosemite village has a store as big as Safeway, so good to know for future trips...


Full cell service, stores, restaurants, not like the camping I used to know.

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It seems around here this is the only trailer/bike combo tolerated around these partsgrin.gif


Seriously though, there is no way I could bike camp with my wife.

I'm sure she would fill all three bags with her necessities leaving me the tank bag for all the gear & my necessities tongue.gif

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We did the 50/50 camp and hotel for two weeks like this.

Ths was taken out side of Colorado Springs.


Westminster, CO. at my mother and step-father's house.


Durango,Colorado north KOA campground.


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Sure glad you enjoyed it. My wife and I went last week, on Tuesday, over Tioga pass. The scenery was impressive but the traffic was horrible. The two one way lanes into Yosemite Valley were full with everyone trying to pass everyone else. There was nowhere to park. We didn't visit on the weekend and did it before Memorial Day and on a Tuesday, we had no idea?... Needless to say I wasn't impressed. We did see one bear along the road, If it ate a few of those European tourists might be it wouldn't be so crowded, or not. We tried to be respectfull and drive the speed limit but then be got driven over, passed on corners with a double yellow line. This was our first visit and might be our last. There are too many other places to go without the crowds.

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