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Convert Autocom to Bluetooth for $10


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I bought a Motorola HF800/820 Bluetooth Handsfree Device on eBay for $10, new in blister pack. I paired it with my Razr, and then plugged the Autocom phone connector to the 800. Went for a little ride with my phone in my pocket - wife gave me a test call and it works perfectly. In fact it works better than the wired connection, as the HF800 actually generates a ring tone to indicate an incoming call. Previously, when I wired the phone directly to Autocom, there was no ring tone - the music would stop and I would hear a voice saying "Hello? Hello?". Total installation time was close to 30 seconds.


Once again, price was $10 including a battery charger cord. The Autocom part to do exactly the same thing is about $200. Save some substantial money...

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Yup, I've got the same setup. Got the idea off the BMWLT board. I might have paid a little more than $10 for it (I think I paid $13), but it's still cheaper than anyone else's bluetooth adapters.

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Anybody know how to boost the volume on this setup? I did this about a year ago, but cant get enough volume to hear except while parked...I've tried everything I can think of- even got the guys at top gear involved...

I will say this- plugging the phone in directly (without the bluetooth interface) gives pretty much the same result. Tried new cords, etc...no help. (Pro7)..

Go figger....

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I wear the eptymotic earplugs and have no issue with the volume of the hf820; with some of the phone calls, I have to lower the volume at speed.



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John Bentall
You guys can get your helmets on with a Blue tooth device on your ear?????


All this device does is to replace the wire connection from the phone to the Autocom with a bluetooth one. The Autocom headset is unaltered.


I was offered a shiny, new BMW System 5 helmet (in the UK of course) with Bluetooth for half price on Sunday - $550 instead of $1100. It doesn't integrate with my Autocom -so I said, "No Thanks!"

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