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5.5" Wheel fitting on an '04 RT


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I've searched the forum for this answer, but have been unsuccessful in obtaining a definitive answer. Will the 5.5" wheel from the R1100S fit on the R1150RT?



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Ah, yes... I was afraid that this question might come up. ;)


The really short version is that I pull 180-55/17 tires off my track-"mostly" Triumph675 which have perfectly good life in the center, but the extreme edges are beyond track use.


I've run these tires on the RT's 5" rear wheel, but the RT runs 170-60/17 stock, so it doesn't handle as well. I've noticed that the R11S runs 170-60/17 on the 5" wheel, but 180-55/17 on the optional 5.5" wheel. (Which got me wondering whether the S 5.5" wheel would fit the RT.)


As I use my RT for daily transportation (mostly non-banked), I'd like to put these take-offs to good use. I understand that there are plenty of reasons why this isn't the ~best~ of ideas....

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Eyeballing mine in the garage, doesn't look like it would fit....it looks like it would bind on the d/shaft housing.

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It really shouldn't be a problem. Both the R1100S in either Boxer Cup or Prep versions and the K1200RS come with 5.5" wheels. Even if the tire gets really close, you can always take a belt sander to it and shave off a 1/4" of tread on the right side. The wheel itself will have no problems.


I'm not sure which of the bikes mentioned above, although I have owned both, has the disc mounted to the wheel though and you need that for your 1150 RT. Worst case scenario, a final drive swap will cure that as well.


As a last resort (it's expensive) Kosman Specialties can widen your stock rim to 5.5".


If you really want to experience very nice turn-in and quite good traction, mount a 170-60 tire on that 5.5" rim, or go to a 6" rim and mount the 180 although there, I think you will run into swing arm interference problems.

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One must ask. Why???

180/55 is used on many bikes, 170/60 just by BMW (AFAIK). If you are on the road and need a rear tire, almost any bike shop will have a 180/55.

Peter, '73 R75/5, '04 R1150RA

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Sounds like I need to find someone w/ a 5.5" wheel w/ a 180/55 on their R11S and see if they're "willing" to loan me the wheel for :15. (Say, look over there! Isn't that a badger w/ a gun?!?)


At least @ that point I'll have the definitive answer before I go plunkin' down $$ for a "solution".


Thanks for the input.

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