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I just wanted to tell anyone who cares that with all the input (thanks all, good and bad) I did get myself an 07 R1200ST in silver...love it so far.

I am still inside the 600 mi break-in (any idea why this is still so high after manufacturing tolerances should be damn tight on all parts? i.e., do I REALLY have to wait 600 miles to break 4000 rpm???).

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You are going to get some differing opinions on breakin. FWIW, I did keep the GS under the 4k limit (mostly) until the 600 service. After that, all bets were off.

I think the most important thing is not to keep the thing at a constant rpm during that time. Most of my initial 600 miles were through the Salt River Canyon. Tight, twisty, but not too fast. On and off the throttle, varing loads, etc.

Good luck.

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Have you or anyone else seen the black 07' ST? Did you have to order yours or was it in stock at your dealer?

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Bill Neander

At Marin BMW's (California) open house Cary had both a silver and a black 07 R1200ST. I must say it looks so good in solid black you hardly notice the unusual headlight.

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The BMW website said you would have to order it. I hope my local dealer's get a black one, I would like to see it in person.

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Patience please, 600 miles isn't so bad since there will be so many to follow. The BMW 600 mile service is fairly comprehensive including re-torque of the head bolts. Not many brands that I have seen give you free reign after the run-in service. I enjoyed my ST at full measure after that important service and it still was gaining power up to the 8k mile point. clap.gif

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And yeah, 600 miles isn't bad. I took delivery of my bike on Friday and had the bike back to the dealer Saturday evening.


Yeah, it's a bit of a pain, but it will be short lived.

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