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OR/NV/AZ Ride.


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Having spent a couple hours drinking coffee at South Sound BMW while the RT got sorted out I needed a break long before the bike was ready to stop.


My personal chef on Saturday Morning, Uncle Bill.


The grub! I couldn’t move after this.


And away we go.


Hyw.34 from Philomath to Waldport was a kick. Heading out on a week day early I found no traffic, great scenery and a nice bit of twists.



Heading south along 101 after picking up some baked goods was a little more subdued with the number of law enforcement out and the prevailing winds. The scenery of course was typical Oregon coast.





Heading back inland along Hyw.38/138 was not as scenic but faster.


I stayed at Ashland Friday night enjoying English beer and conversation of the Southern Oregon Univ. theater students at the Black Sheep Bar, it was a memorable night.


I left for Tonopah NV the next morning via Oregon Route 66 towards Klamath Falls. This is a must ride with fantastic views while ascending the switch backs up the pass (there was no bloody shoulder to pull over on to take picks) and a long drop if you miss one.


From Tonopah I cruised into my folks house in Queen Creek, AZ. on Sunday night. Damn AZ is hot. Concentrating on making time I didn’t stop for pics.

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Great pictures Wade, you've covered my three favorite things. Motorcycles,food & beautiful roads. thumbsup.gif



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Hey Wade,


Thanks for the trip report and pix; I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen any posts from you here or on NWST for a while so good to know you are on the road and having fun !

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Thanks Doug, the pictures are not up to your standards though grin.gif


I'd like to add this one; stopping at Arizona Al's for audio plugs I got to soak my dogs, it was tough to resist jumping in..



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wave.gifHey Wade,


Nice to meet and riding with you at Torrey XIII. Hope we can socialize with a cup of Washington State coffee or a bottle of beer when I pass-by there by this coming July.


Ride safe,


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Great meeting you, Wade. Sorry I couldn't get together with you in AZ. If you come down here again, let us know and we'll try to get a little group together.

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