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Stock RT Radio Question


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I bought my '96 RT last year from a local dealer. Overall I'm thrilled with the bike but slighly irked that the radio doesn't work. There is power to the radio and I can hear static from the speakers but none of the buttons seem to work and the screen reads 555.5


My brother in law thinks that the last time the battery was pulled, it activated an anti-theft system and I'll need a passcode to re-activate the radio. I've heard of this for car radios, is it the case for the RT as well?


If so, how would I go about finding that code?

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Stan Walker

Should be in the paperwork that came with the bike when it was new. IF you got it!!!


Look around and see if the original owner wrote down a 4 digit number in that area. Sticker, ink pin, etc. If you find it I can tell you how to enter it.


If you can't find it you have two choices. 1) Ask a BMW dealer, they should be able to look it up (might take a while). 2) Trial and error.


The good news is that you aren't missing much. They don't work all that well. I long ago got rid of my radio as I prefer the glove box for storage. If you must have tunes while you ride you are far better off with a satallite system.



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