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Autocom noise help needed


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I've got an Autocom Active Duo which works fine. I use an ipod, and also use an XM Roady, for music. I keep the ipod in the radio cubby, and the XM is on a little platform I built. I switch a single jack back and forth between them, rather than have them hooked up all the time.


I've added a little AmpliRider amplifier, which I've used before on another bike, and figured out a way to mount the volume controller on the OEM radio control blank on the left side of the bike, using a nifty little knob extender.


Here's the problem: the Amplirider creates a ground loop (everything is powered by a fused power strip), so I added a PAC SN-1 ground loop isolator from Crutchfield. The GLI eliminates the ground loop, but it ALSO significantly reduces volume from the music source going through the AmpliRider. QUESTION: if I purchase the Autocom-branded GLI, will this issue be resolved?


SECOND problem with the AmpliRider: powering it up, now, with or without the engine running, creates a very annoying buzzing, which increased in frequency until I rip the headphones off. I've changed grounds, changed power to direct battery, still does it. Yes, I've contacted Gary Ali, the manufacturer, and am waiting for his response, but I thought I'd ask the experts here. In concert with this new development, when the engine is running there is a low-amplitude "buzz", with or without the GLI.


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