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Bike Won't Run

Retired At LAst

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Retired At LAst

Yesterday I had my 1999 RT serviced (12,000 miles)by a master BMW mechanic (retired) who now works out of his home garage. Throttle body sync, fluid changes, air filter gas filter etc.


Got on the bike rode about 50 miles and then it quit on me. I have 70,000 miles on the bike and never had anything go wrong.


Bike just died and would not start, although it turned over just fine.


When I turn the ignition key I do not hear a fuel pump sound. SO!!! My guess is the bike is not getting fuel caused by some connector that must have come loose following the installation of the fuel filter.


ANY ideas.


Leaving on a major trip this Tuesday and this has been a bummer.

Should have followed the old adage. IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FIX IT> confused.gif

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The electrical connector for the fuel pump is on the right side. Take off the right side fairing and se if it is mated correctly.

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Retired At LAst

Problem solved.



Previously I had BMW install a set of lights on my front crash bars.


They tapped into the fuel pump electrical line.


When the bike was serviced the crash bars and lights had to be removed to get the front tupperware off. In reassembling,the pins of the connector got bent and after 50 miles of vibration they dislodged.


Now reconnected and all is right with the world.


Happy Mothers Day smile.gif

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