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Hi everyone. I've been lurking for a few weeks as I did my research on my next bike. I currently have a Ducati Monster that I love, but it's being customized to be a short range corner straifer, so I want a long distance machine to go with it. The Duc is going to be the weekend toy with the new bike being the daily driver, so I wanted something versatile, comfortable and fun.


I've pretty much decided that the R1200RT is the bike for me. The only question I have now is, my local dealer doesn't have any with even the radio prep kit, and I was sort of looking forward to having some tunes for my commuting. Is it worth it for me to wait until they get one?


I'm also not so sure I'll need ESA since I will be one up all the time. Anyone else out there ride solo but think the ESA is worthwhile?


Thanks in advance.

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Capitol BMW in Raleigh had a couple last week when I was in. Have you checked with them? If you need assistance, I'd be happy to help.

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Welcome aboard......


I might be going out on a limb here, but I think most people around here don't have factory radios on their bikes. I think most of us have aftermarket intercoms like the Autocom, and then just pump music into that via MP3/Sat radio/CD player. I know after growing up on the back of my Dad's Goldwing, I highly prefer having my music inside my helmet instead of blasting from speakers in the dash. Just my $.02

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Welcome to the board.

In answer to your question: "Anyone else out there ride solo but think the ESA is worthwhile"

NO! Put Ohlins or equivalent on the bike before you take delivery.

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I'll be moving to North Carolina in a month. Maybe we'll be able to meet and share interests in riding. I have the 06 1200 RT and use the XM Radio MyFi with a Ram ball mount and carriage. This is a battery radio but there are others which you can connect to your electrical system. Either way, I agree, the music that goes straight to the helmet is much better.

I'm going to be a contrarian here, but aside from the Ohlins you could purchase, I'm perfectly happy with my ESA and think it provides plenty of variations in ride to be worthwhile. Enjoy your new ride, it's a great bike.


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Welcome to the board as always you will find a great group of people here who will keep your riding the straight and narrow. lmao.gif


I would have to agree that having the music in your helmet is superior to the music from the speakers, especially as I see you enjoy music as an 'interest'.


My concern with either is you have to be able to quickly kill the tunes that might distract you from the task of riding!


ESA seems to be a tad contentious with some feeling the complexity is just something else to go wrong, others love it. So . . . ?


Either way, welcome.


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$1400 bucks for a radio,,I have a 07 RT,,I put the j&m com sys on it,bmw part # 71 60 0 412 987,Its a cb and weather,You can hook up your GPS,XM,I POD,PASPORT,,to,Sounds good,You can hear the $1400 bmw radio past 50 mph,,Check it out,I think you we like it,,O PS welcome,

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Welcome to the neighborhood! cool.gif I can't help you with your high tech bike. I try and stay on top of my 97 R1100 RT. I can tell you that you are in the right place to get a wealth of opinon sprinkled in with good and poor humor and really great people. Most of the time tongue.gif

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