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Neutral switch indicator install


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I have previously posted this question on the BMW MOA website but am still looking for more/better info.

I have recently did a spline lube and clutch replacement on my '97 RT. At the same time I replaced the front half of the two piece neutral/gear switch combo because my neutral switch had all but stopped functioning. All went well until the first 30 mile test ride and gear lube is leaking from the switch area. I checked with a tech person at Bob's and was told that I also needed a second seal to accompany the o'ring which is present.

Ordered and pressed in to the recess on the front face of the new switch (where it appears to belong). However the switch will not slide on all the way and bottom on the machined surface where it mates. I do not have the old switch to compare, so I don't know if there was any other seal present other than the o'ring when I first removed it. I did purchase a new o'ring the first time and used it on the first reassembly.

Can anyone tell me for sure if the seal Bob's sold me is required, and if so does it reside in the recess on the face of the switch. Or not needed and the o'ring is the only sealing mechanism keeping lube from exiting the back of the tranny. I will be working on it this afternoon. Thanks for the help.

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Stan Walker

Indeed there is a seal required. Hopefully Bob's sold you the correct one, that I cannot answer.


Be aware that all of the following is from memory of a job I did over a year ago. That is to say I don't guarantee it to be 100% accurate......


As I recall from when I replaced mine, it's a tight fit into the recess on the new switch. I believe it ends up almost exactly flush with the front of the switch. It would of course be turned such that it prevents the oil from escaping from the tranny. That is to say with the open end facing out from the switch.


I don't recall having any difficulties with seating the new switch complete with the seal installed. Sounds like you either have the seal installed wrong or there is something still down in the tranny blocking it. Perhaps the old seal was loose and is still there?



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Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to re-clean everything later today and scrutinize again. I am very familiar with lip seals and how they function, and installing them, but will double check my previous work. The seal seems to be the correct one because it was a very good fit in to the recess on the switch face. But I will double check everything again, obviously something isn't right.

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