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Rear light bulb holder


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Has anybody ever replaced the rear light bulb holders to a twin fillament type?If so where did you get them?I have checked my local motor factors and a car breakers but no luck.Can you buy/swap? or is it a one off type?The bike is a 99 R1100rt.


Cheers Del

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Jerry Johnston

Got mine at Schuck's Auto. I got some that you push to lock in place (fit any hole the right size) - not one you have to twist to lock in place. Works fine. Just take one of your sockets with you and eyeball it. They're pretty standard size.

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Thanks for your reply Jerry,unfortunatly we don`t have a Schuck`s Auto`s over here,i was hoping that it was a part made by Lucas/Bosch or whoever and i could get a part number. confused.gif

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