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A lotta bull!!


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There's a place south of Daytona called Hatbill Park. About 6 acres in the middle of a 35K cattle ranch on the St. Johns river. Nice! Tricky getting out there. About 3 miles of sugar sand road. You gotta go 5 mph or 60mph to get out there. Fun! Anyway a buddy of mine and I rode out one spring not realizing that the bulls were out to do their spring thing. We got to the park and I started to round up a herd of cows. As they scattered, all but one, big Brama bull who stood his ground. YIKES!!!! That day my R100RS became a super moto, whipped that bike around and bee lined it to the road with Brama in pursuit. Someone or thing ever chase you and your scared to death but laughing your ass off at the same time? To funny!!! I'd hate to think what would have happen if he caught me.



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I was on a dirt bike with friends in the same area when Brama Bulls jumped on the trail between us for a while .I also encountered a bear in Ocala and we were both running from each other.

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