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Run to Great Falls for steak


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We did the run down from Edmonton to GF for steak 2 weekends ago, took this long for me to find some time and get this all together. The ride is a regular event for the Black Gold Beemers BMW club, and I just enjoy a good steak. A few of us had other options but the greater group rode down from Edmonton on saturday morning and back again on Sunday.


I left Edmonton on Friday afternoon for Calgary, spent the evening with Loretta’s parents who were celebrating their 57th wedding anniversary. Saturday am those of us in calgary left about 10:00 am and headed to Taber for lunch expecting the rest to roll in smartly at about 1:00pm, they arrived at 2:00


We eventually made it to GF, with casualties, one airhead is reported to have gasped it’s last while passing another vehicles and never made it to Taber, a new K bike oiled it’s second clutch in less than 150 km, and still on warranty… well I wonder where the oil came from??? And a FJR wouldn’t start.


at the border crossing


We ate. No pictures to prove it, just believe me…


Sunday am, Dave (who shared the hotel room with me) and I rolled out at 7:30 to cover some distance, we took the back roads to Waterton, stopped in Browning for breakfast, just carry enough cash, the resturant takes no visa or debit cards.







We fueled and kept rolling, up to pincher creek, hwy 22 ( the cowboy trail) a break in Cochrane for gas pie and coffee, and head for home. The last 1-1/2 hours was in rain and the temperature plummeted to almost zero C, dang forgot the rubber gloves, Dave got it even worse, he didn’t have heated grips.


From the pictures you can see the forest fire damage in Waterton/Glacier park, they’re logging it now to at least some value out of the timber.


We got the FJR running finally, turned out the owner had the tank off and never got the electrical connector properly seated… coulda got really expensive.

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