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I love this East L.A. motorcycle shop!


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Ok so I never go there to buy anything. Nothing really there for me anyway as it caters to current sport and race bikes.

I don't shoot the sh!t with the owner or even small talk really.

I only go there when I need one thing done.


Change my tires.


Today I took in the RT rims with a new set of sneaks purchased from SWmoto.


Drop everything next to the back sevice area and tell Polo (the owner)

I'll be back in a hour or so I need to run downtown.

I do my thing and return a hour later to the tech wiping down my newly mounted and balanced rollers!


The best part.... Polo says to me "twenty bucks"

So I hand him my twenty, pack up everything I came with and I'm done! thumbsup.gifclap.gif


This is the standard deal at MotoTechnica and I love it!

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Probably a bit farther from Pasadena Tony but Cycle Rider in Montclair Ca. mounts and balances for free if you buy the tires from them.(on your dismounted wheels) $15 a piece if you bring tires somewhere else.

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I get the same service and cost ($15 M & B w/wheels off bike) from Mach I in Costa Mesa and there is a shop in Long Beach (M & C motorcycle) at Cherry and PCH that will M & B for $15 also. No brainer unless you have your own equipment.

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