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Never know what will get you!


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Joe Frickin' Friday


I think I'll have to be extra careful on my Canadian trip next year! Yikes! eek.gif


Not just Canada; lightning strikes can happen anywhere. I used to be stupid about riding in lightning storms, but I'm trying to be smarter about it these days, despite the inconvenience of unscheduled stops. Beats ending up dead or severly and permanently injured.

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I once had a frightning experience when hiking with my dad high up in the mountains. Ever since I am VERY wary about lightning.... I will STOP riding when it starts flashing and wait till it is over.... no exceptions!

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I learned my lesson while riding in Rocky Mountain National Park one summer when several people where killed on the same day by lightening strikes. I've learned to pull over and get out of a lightening storm, however it can be pretty scary if you're out on your bike and there's nowhere to seek cover.



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