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We Need The Name of Your Sweetie.


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RonB of the Chi-Town Crew is graciously making name tags for all those attending the Gunnison Rally. So, if you've signed up on the Final Attendance Survey, Brant has given him your name. But if you're bringing along a special someone, we didn't ask for that person's name in the survey (just if you had one coming). So if you want them to have a name tag, you've got to respond here. Simple:


1. Your real name.

2. Their real name.


Please do it ASAP as Ron will also be attending the MOA rally in Trenton and has to have these done WAY ahead of time.


Thank you.

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Rob B is just the kind of guy who would do this for everyone. I'm proud to know him. I guess he won't be paying for beer in Gunnison, nor will any of you folks who have so generously stepped up to the plate for the rest of us.


Love ya all!

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In reply to:

David Baker

Gwyneth Paltrow


(dang, FB is gonna kill me for this)


No I won't, DCB. But if you somehow manage to bring her, I want to watch Wurty put the move on her. In fact, I'm gonna sell tickets to that event just to help pay for the T-shirts. wink.gif


(uh, the suggestion here, folks, is that if you've signed up for the rally, but haven't ordered your T-shirts, we could really use your help. We're about 50 shirts short of breaking even. Thank you.)

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Is this the place where you give the name of a friend who is coming on his own bike, but he is not your sweetie?? smile.gif If so, his name is Scott Harris. If not where is that post?? blush.gif

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Ron B is just the kind of guy who would do this for everyonecolor=blue>

Ron even made that misbehaving Sock Monkey a name tag. Just to keep the rest of you safe!


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I suppose this'll work, Murray. But I also suggest that he register through Brant's thread above. That way he'll have no problems. Either way, I think RonB can figure it out. Right, Ron?


Uh, . . .Ron?

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Yeeha! Stephen

We are:


Stephen Slisz

Vicki Mansfield


And... I've sent an order for three T-shirts(2 XXXl and 1 M) hope it gets there in time. I don't yet see my name on the shirt list, but the $$$ is on it's way somewhere.

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SOs, kids, friends, if your a member and draggin' along a non-member, post his/her/it's name and I'll fix 'em up so everyone knows who dey are.


Laney, I....umm....well...I.............never mind. Good to see that you and SM have been reunited.


Yah know, he kinda looks like a Harley dude to me anyway.

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I'm leaving for Trenton shortly, so I may not get the chance to make any more tags after today. So far, I've got everyone who has registered or contacted me as of today.


(over 140, including guests, H2W and of course, RT.COMs party animal)


(don't know who the party animal is? oh yes you do. just scroll up)


See you in Gunnison.

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